Records & Information Management

OMX INFO MANAGEMENT offers you seamless access to your data and records through Box Level, File or Document Level Retrieval or through Electronic Retrieval.

Our strategic partnership with O'NEIL, the world leader in Records Management Software enables us to offer you the best in storage and retrieval practices.

We offer you a full cycle service beginning with creating an accurate and meaningful database of your records, an essential foundation to any Record & Information Management system. OMX INFO MANAGEMENT creates a database of your records held with us. This will be available on CDs as well as our Secure RSSQL. This is followed with transportation and storage of the Boxes. We also recognize the most critical period in the life cycle of a record is the active phase when access requirements are the highest. Hence we offer regular retrieval of physical documents (within 24 hours) Urgent Retrievals (within 4 hours in city limits) Emergency Retrievals (holiday and out of office hours) and Electronic Retrievals (scan and email or fax the information for immediate access).

For our clients, this translates into convenience of having your documents at your beck and call - without having to invest in expensive real estate and infrastructure for storing and managing the information.

Storage Solution

All OMX INFO MANAGEMENT storage facilities are engineered to offer superior infrastructure for continuous Record & Information Management Operations.

The Racking systems in all OMX INFO MANAGEMENT record centers are with international standards. The design facilitates are meant for easy storage and access to record boxes.

All Record Center facilities are planned with the layout, arrangement and systems that are comparable to the best in the industry.

These include:

  • On Site Licensed Security Guards hired through experienced Security Agencies to patrol the exterior of the facility.
  • Multiple physical check points.
  • Access restriction to unauthorized personnel
  • CCTV Cameras to monitor the activity
  • Dust free and Pest Free environment
  • Two Tier racking system
  • Equipped wih Adequate Fire Fighting Systems
  • Storage equipped with desiccant moisture control bags to control the moisture in storage area

Media Storage

Historical documents, legal papers and other irreplaceable assets need special storage considerations.

OMX INFO MANAGEMENT Media storage area is environmentally controlled that allows for restrictive access control. This is essential both for security purposes and to keep dirt and dust free environment. Daily, weekly or monthly back up rotation schedules, customised to your needs.

Customized Services

As a full service Company for businesses with active, semi active and inactive files, OMX INFO MANAGEMENT provides solutions ranging from off-site storage to in-house storage as well as electronic record management.

We expect to give our clients the best solutions-both in technology and consulting-to realize our goal of optimizing the value of Records and Information Management as a strategic asset to the enterprise.

We work with our clients to understand and identify their needs and then build customized solutions that best suit their environment.

  • In-House Record Management Solutions
  • Setting up of Record Center on a turn-key basis
  • On-site training

Scanning & Digitizing Services

Scanning is an ideal solution when you need to access files or documents on anytime, anywhere basis.

OMX INFO MANAGEMENT Scanning services include:

  • Prepare documents by removing fasteners, clips and staples
  • Smoothing wrinkled pages and stabilize damaged pages
  • Batch scans your documents
  • Indexing
  • Perform image clean up
  • Write electronic documents to CD-ROM

OMX INFO MANAGEMENT imaging solutions include:

  • Scan on Request - Wherein any specific document stored at OMX INFO MANAGEMENT can be scanned and the digital image of the document can be e-mailed to you through electronic transfer.
  • Scan on receipt service - wherein all the documents are scanned and stored on a CD Rom/Server for your immediate retrieval.

Relocation Services

With OMX Info Management Ltd. you are guaranteed consistent, high quality service wherever you are or need to go. Experienced relocation professionals from OMX Info Management Ltd. manage your relocation program and support your relocating employees/offices throughout their move, coordinating all the aspects of the relocation in to one seamless service. All based on the service package that has been developed to suit your needs and within as per policy.

Secure Shredding & Media Destruction Services

Destruction Services

Given that destruction is now a prudent milestone in the life of any record, we combine our experience with your needs and help you in developing a Record Retention Schedule. We recognize that organizations now have the capacity to create so much information that it is almost impossible to even be aware of it all. As information ages, we can help you realize significant savings through purging of old files and through implementation of retention schedule that comply with your business and legal requirements. This will enable you to discard files at the appropriate time. Certificates of destruction are also provided.

Web Enabled Services

Our record management system is web enabled and allows you to access your records by logging on to our site with a secure password.

From your desktop, you can place request, enter or edit descriptions of your files, print activity reports, see the status of the orders etc.

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