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About OMX Info Management Ltd.

Welcome to OMX Info Management (OM Group Company) offering Records & Information Management Services. We can help you manage and secure one of your company's greatest assets - your business information.

We at OMX believe that your business data is only valuable if it is readily accessible when you need it. We at OMX, think "beyond the box," helping clients manage all record formats, and helping you to meet your company's compliance and risk management obligations efficiently.

We are a value based organization, our brand values underpin everything we do.

We value quality highly and we have built a strong reputation for it. Safety is our first concern and everyone makes it a priority across our operations.

OMX operations also adhere to our binding corporate rules of data privacy and data protection.

Through the heavy architecture, we are able to provide support where it’s needed. We take full accountability, compliance & expertise at a local level, cost efficiencies, service consistency, quality assurance at every level, best practice, innovation and expert management.

By customizing our processes to match your established protocols, we make it easier for us both to work together.

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